"Why Not Get Paid to 'Protest'? Making Your Workplace Work for You in the Trump Era"

Write Speak Code 2017

Accepted to speak on balancing political and professional obligations at Write/Speak/Code, an international conference focused on empowering women and non-binary software engineers.

Writing for Developers Panel

Write Speak Code 2017

Invited by conference organizers to moderate a panel on writing in the technical arena, how to publish and self-publish, and the impact this work has on the industry at large. Speakers from left to right: Angie Jones, Katel Ledû, Lara Hogan, and Ryn Daniels.

"Using Code For Good"

Code Crush Summit 2017

Invited to lead a workshop on using code for community impact at the 2017 regional Code Crush Summit, a program of the University of Nebraska at Omaha featuring keynote speaker Erica Joy Baker.

"How to Support Girls Who Code (If You're Not a Girl Who Codes)"

BarCamp Omaha 2016

Delivered a talk on effective allyship for Omaha Girls Who Code at BarCamp 2016, sponsored by AIGA Nebraska.